Down the rabbit hole

(Part 4 of 11 in series, A Tracer's Manifesto)

( In late 2016 I began a small discussion with a few friends about an idea. Eventually the project became a web site [now gone] and this series contains the posts from that site. The project continues in the Parkour Forum. )

Originally published Dec 14, 2016


It seems clear to me that the name has two components: Let’s start with the part that identifies/associates with the communities. (The second part would be the “code of conduct”, “social contract”, “ethics”, verbage.) The order of the parts isn’t what I’m talking about; it could be “parkour code of conduct” or “movement ethics for traceurs” — both of those phrases have two parts, different specific examples for each part, and in reversed order.

Let’s discuss the “identifier” part…


We can choose to omit this component from the name (and just call it “code of conduct” etc), we can pick an existing community’s word/name, or we can find a larger umbrella term.

[omit] ?
parkour ?
freerunning ?
mover ?
traceur ?
…some other word?


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