Complexity… but, progress

(Part 21 of 36 in series, 10,000 Reps Project)

Not including a spreadsheet snapshot this week, because this nonsense (last week, this week) will only make sense to my crazy brain.

As I described in my last update, my right forearm is the gating issue. I’ve been doing about 30 pullups per day, as sets of 2… just going to the bar every 20 minutes or so and doing two pullups, without my right pinky on the bar (releases the part of the forearm that is sore.) After a week of this, my forearm feels better (not 100% though), and I’m going to see how I feel doing sets of 3 so the odometer goes a little faster towards 10k.

Squats feel better now that I’m going down only to the point where I’d have to unload my heels. Solidly below parallel though, but without the bottoming-out sort of cheat-stop at the bottom. So these are probably the best squats I’ve ever been doing. Fifteen is straightforward, but I’ve been doing 7s and 8s randomly, just because I’m constantly going to the pullup bar to do a lousy 2 or 3.

Pushups are easy/fun.

For handstands, I’m doing 15-second stands because it’s awesome kickup and balance (against the wall, working on free-standing) practice.

Bar-precisions I’ve a pause on (all last week) because I ripped all my scaf apart last week. I spent all day saturday building scaf variations for some blog posts I’m doing. Today (probably tomorrow) I’ll go build something for rail precisions so I can get back on track with those (I’m 3×75 behind from last week.) But these I can just crank out, so I’m not concerned.

This week, going by my now-usual 3-days rotating thing, I’d have three 80 rep workouts, (a +5 bump as I ramp up for the last few months of hauling the mail). Instead, I’m going to not plan specific workouts — since I’m just doing things randomly through the day. I’ll spreadsheet the actual daily numbers for my next check-in. I’m a little nervous about not having specific planned workouts — but I’ve already been NOT doing the plan (last week) so may as well make a real plan (to just do what I can through the day) and keep an eye on the pace.

Bigger picture: This year-long goal is hands-down the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Harder than losing weight, because the weight loss translates immediately to other results/benefits. Cranking on these activity numbers is just like staring at an odometer. …well, the pullups led to noticable improvements, but now even they’re more like staring at an odometer. Big set-numbers would be cool, but not until my forearm heals.


(shuffles to the other room, does 3 pull-ups and a 15-second handstand against the wall… :)


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