What is a commutator brush?

So our washing machine quit this weekend (while I was away.)

“No user servicable parts inside.”

Not this user! Tools, snip, yank. A-HAH! The commutator brushes are worn out.

This is what my dad used to spend a lot of time on… changing commutator brushes on elevators; The thing in the picture with the “39B” on it, on the end of a braided wire with a spring to push it against the commutator… It’s a block of carbon (called a “brush”) and it should be about an inch long. :*) As the motor spins, it wears down. Eventually, the length of the cable limits it moving down against commutator, no electrical contact, no motor movement. The other brush, (motor has two brushes,) was still long enough to touch.

Physics/electrical geeks: Ask me about commutator brushes some time. :^D

Internet, click click click, order via drop-ship P1, parts for tomorrow. Washing machine back in business for wednesday.