A Duck Tape Story

IMG_0908Hi there!

Some time ago my wife, Terry and I prepared for a few days vacation aboard a friend’s boat. On a similar previous trip, Terry had done all the packing and we arrived with way too much baggage. This became readily apparent when I discovered she had brought along, for herself, nine (9) white sweaters… to Florida.

She argued, one was a top, one was a shell, one was beige, and another off-white, etc. There was not a lot of storage room aboard the boat and we had to share the space allotted us.

So this time, while Terry packed, I supervised saying, “Don’t take this. Why are you taking that? Are you sure you need these?” Finally she said, “Pack your own stuff! I’ll pack mine. You pack yours.” OK. I was determined to show just how light I could travel.

Fast forward to our arrival. We climb aboard and exchanged greetings. I was intensely proud of the fact that I had only one small bag. We quickly got underway and started cruising. However, the boat was sailing only a short time when a minor disaster struck. I split my pants! Big time! My well-worn, soft, comfortable jeans tore open in front at the crotch. The tired cloth had separated thread by thread, and once the tear started, the entire area opened exposing my wildly colored skivies! Everyone laughed hysterically, (except me.) Finally Terry says, “For goodness sake, go change your pants. You’re an embarrassment. Put on your other jeans.” I say, “What other jeans? I only brought these.” Everyone laughed hysterically, (except me.) One of our friends disappeared below, and returned with a giant roll of Duck Tape. “Here. Seasoned boaters never leave the dock without Duck Tape!” while placing a large piece across the front of my pants. Everyone laughed hysterically, (except me.)

But this gave me an idea. I went below, took off my tattered pants, turned them inside out, pushed the cloth back together and criss-crossed several pieces of Duck Tape on the inside. I smoothed the tape carefully, put my pants on and returned topside. All were amazed at the nearly invisible repair. Everyone laughed hysterically, (including me.) The repair lasted for the rest of the trip! Duck Tape saved my vacation!

Fast forward to the present. These days we have our own boat and I always carry a fresh roll of Duck Tape and, oh yes, an extra pair of pants.

~ Bruce Constantine

Yes, this type of tape was originally used to seal up DUCTS, and is generally called “duct tape.” However, this story is about the brand name, “Duck Tape.” My father wrote this intending to mail it as a submission to a “Duck Tape Saves the Day” contest. So there.