100 days of trying to train every day (2020 edition)

(Part 1 of 13 in series, 100 Days of Training (2020))

The goal is to do something—some sort of activity, even just a good long walk—every day, for 100 days. The gallery just below updates automatically as I add posts to this series.


My life is cushy. If I really wanted to be in good physical shape, I’d change my life to something involving physical activity. Meanwhile, back in Reality World, if I want to get into shape, that’s only going to happen if I set out intentionally to work on it.

Back in August of 2017, right after I returned from a trip to England and France for a couple of Parkour and Art du Déplacement events, I took on a 100-day challenge. At the time I was still on Instoejam, but I had the foresight to also put all my photos on my blog. (The 2017 version of this challenge has its own series.)


8/100: Intervals

(Part 9 of 13 in series, 100 Days of Training (2020))

I simply keep telling myself to do one thing at a time. To make one improvement at a time. This was significantly slower than the last time I tracked this a week ago—not sure if that’s because I tracked a longer route, whereas last time I didn’t track some of the walking… anyway. Eventually, I’ll be able to actually run a couple of miles and then I can compare the same workout route each time. I was doing good on this workout until I stepped on a too-big stone (in my minimal shoes)… aaaaaaaaand, walking it off… walking it off…