Open + Curious

We talk with others every day, but how often do we intentionally practice the art of conversation? Great conversation requires true listening, which is nearly a lost art that requires active practice. The key to its preservation lies in cultivating our natural, genuine curiosity. That curiosity will lead to understanding, and then to compassion.

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Podcaster Community

This community is a place where podcasters can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. Podcasters collaborate in a supportive space, free to showcase their talents, refine their creative process, and sharpen their craft. My goal is to provide the tools and culture to enable positive interactions and create growth and development among our members. By sharing ideas in this space, podcast creators refine their knowledge, skills, and principles related to podcasting.

In the Podcaster Community I’ve created a space for people who create podcasts — whether you’re thinking about it, just starting out, or are publishing your 100th episode — I’d love for you to join me. Podcasting—creating podcasts, and helping others get started, learn and improve—is a big part of my efforts to serve my mission.

Movers Mindset

The Movers Mindset project examines the nature and philosophy of movement by exploring themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence. In the Movers Mindset podcast, I talk with movement enthusiasts to learn who they are, what they do, and why they do it. There’s a Movers Mindset tag here on this site, but for all things Movers Mindset, head over to

The Movers Mindset project grew from conversations I started having as part of my personal journey rediscovering movement. The project started late in 2015, and it was initially simply a web site that shared others’ writing. The project grew, and in 2017 I started a companion podcast. I’ve worked extremely hard, but none of this would have been possible without so much help from so many people.

Little Box of Quotes

A long long time ago I began collecting inspirational quotes and aphorisms. I kept them on the first version of my web site, where they were displayed randomly. But as time went on, I realized I wanted them where I would see them. Eventually I copied the fledgeling collection onto 3×5 cards and put them in a small box. As I find new ones, I add cards. Today, there are nearly 1,000 quotes and the collection continues to grow.

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Each daily quote is linked back here to my site where you can explore related quotes, people, and posts. You can also browse the quotes here on my blog if you want to get a feel for the collection.

Open Podcast Directory

The situation could be better for the people who create podcasts.

The open podcast directory is an idea: The idea is to create a distributed directory which no one controls—no person, no company, no country. We do this by each adding our podcast information to our domain name’s information.