Transition – with Alasdair Plambeck

Explore the journey of creative transformation and the profound shifts that come from embracing the spaces between, as Alasdair Plambeck navigates the end of a significant chapter to discover what lies beyond the familiar boundaries of identity and purpose.

I knew there was a general sense. It’s like, “I’m meant for something more than this,” and I think a lot of people feel that when they’re in what I would call the over-culture. I was very much steeped in— trained for— prepared for— programmed by, all that kind of thing. I work with a lot of people who are maybe in that, but transitioning out, or wanting to transition out, or just maybe feeling that.

~ Alasdair Plambeck, 26:35

Alasdair Plambeck joins Craig Constantine to discuss the nuanced journey of personal and creative transformation. Alasdair shares his thoughtful approach to scheduling, aiming for times that harness his creative energy most effectively. His decisions reflect a deeper stance on being attuned to one’s energy levels and the optimal conditions for creativity and meaningful engagement.

The conversation extends into Alasdair’s personal story, illuminating his shift from feeling confined within the “over-culture” to embarking on a path that resonates with his true self. This transition is sparked by a profound moment of realization while working as a general manager, where success and societal expectations no longer aligned with his well-being and aspirations.

The dialogue also ventures into the realm of podcasting itself, exploring the evolution of Alasdair’s own podcasting journey and the decision to conclude his show after a significant run. This choice underlines a theme of knowing when to let go, to make space for new beginnings and growth. Alasdair reflects on how the podcast served as a medium for connection, self-discovery, and the cultivation of a deeper relationship with his wife through shared creative endeavors and discussions.

Further, Alasdair and Craig touch on the concept of the “in-between” spaces in life — those transformative periods where one is neither here nor there but in a state of becoming. Alasdair views these phases not as voids but as fertile ground for introspection, learning, and eventual emergence into new stages of life and identity. Through these varied topics, the conversation paints a vivid picture of the ongoing journey of self-exploration, the power of mindful changes, and the courage to pursue a life aligned with one’s authentic self.


Mindful scheduling — Reflecting on the importance of choosing the right time for creative endeavors to optimize energy and output.

The journey of transformation — Discussing the pivotal moment of leaving a conventional career path to embark on a more authentic, fulfilling life journey.

The power of letting go — Exploring the decision to end a long-term project and the introspective space it creates for new beginnings and growth.

Podcasting as a medium for connection — Highlighting how podcasting can forge deep relationships and serve as a platform for meaningful conversations.

The significance of the “in-between” — Delving into the transformative potential of life’s transitional phases and the opportunities they present for self-discovery and change.

Creative energy and its optimization — Emphasizing the need to understand and harness one’s creative energy for productive and fulfilling work.

Navigating life’s transitions — The importance of being present in moments of change and the role of pain as a catalyst for growth and self-realization.

Societal expectations versus personal fulfillment — Reflecting on the conflict between societal norms and the pursuit of a life that truly resonates with one’s inner self.

The role of podcasts in exploring complex ideas — Appreciating the unique ability of podcasts to facilitate deep dives into nuanced topics, fostering understanding and exploration.


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