Suggestions too

It’s harder to see it when we’re the ones who are complaining so often. And in fact, in my experience most of us are in the habit of complaining, either out loud or to ourselves. Myself included.

~ Leo Babauta from,


I am not a complainer. (I’m not pushing back on Babauta’s post. It’s excellent, as usual.) If you spot me complaining, I’d appreciate being called out. Certainly, there was a time when I complained, but it is not now.

Being a “suggester” correlates with being a complainer. People who complain also suggest. “You should do that this way…” “This would be better with more…” “If I was in charge I would…” Ridding oneself of one of these flaws, will make the other intolerable, which begins the work of ridding oneself of the other.