Commentary: On

When I started adding quotes to this blog I put a lot of thought into how they were presented. In particular, I decided not to unpack my thoughts about the quote. And more recently I’ve pointed that out, saying that I wanted you to have the chance to stumble over the quote without my muddying your first impresions.

In hindsight, that doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes the quotes appear right adjacent to something else I’ve written, or next to other quotes… and at the very least you’re finding it in the context of my blog (or email.) Worse, I often find I have something I’d like to say about the quote, and I’ve simply let that stuff pass unwritten.

So there are about 700 quotes published here already. I’m going to republish them adding…

gotcha! No, I’m not. I just wanted to point out that you’re going to start seeing quotes paired with my reflections… and boy howdy that kinda looks like the rest of the stuff I do here already, like quote something someone wrote . . . so yeah Craig, what really is/was the difference.

Meanwhile, we’re going back to 7 “posts” within each weekly email. If you’ve been here a while (and if not– Hey, welcome new friend!) you know I’ve been trying to work through the “frontlog” of scheduled quotes. I’ve gotten ahead… or should I say, less ahead? …or closer to being behind?? Anyway, the scheduled queue is down to about 90 days into the future. So back to a post a day. (Because, after all, you can also just subscribe to the RSS feed— all Mailchimp does is check that feed, once a week, and email it to you. ;)