Vitamin D

This might be the range most of us should expect to be in at an intake of 10,000 IU/d. This is the equivalent to the body’s own natural production through sun exposure.

There are other factors that may affect levels. For example, being overweight tends to reduce them. Excess cortisol production, from stress, may also reduce them.

~ Ned Kock from,

…and some days this turns into a bit of a medical blog.

This is mostly a blog post for me, so the next time I search for Vitamin D I can find this article. When Vitamin D supplementation comes up, and I mention that I take 10,000 IU daily… people ask why? …and I cannot remember why. This article from 2010 is why; 10,000 IU is about how much vitamin D my body would make if I lived somewhere sunny and I was a life guard.