The beautiful and imperishable comes into existence due to the suffering of individual perishable creatures who themselves are not beautiful, and must be reshaped to form a template from which the beautiful is printed (forged, extracted, converted). This is the terrible law of the universe. This is the basic law; it is a fact… Absolute suffering leads to — is the means to — absolute beauty.”

~ Philip K. Dick

For me, Dick’s writing is uniquely situated. I first found it as a part of my plain-vanilla interest in science fiction. It then appeared—both in the sense that I found it next, and in the sense that the movies were created next—in some popular science incarnations in movies. I fell [and remain] deeply in lust with Blade Runner(*). …and afterwards discovered Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. This is hinted at in Popova’s short brain pickings post too, but there’s something fascinating to me about how Dick went “’round the bend.”

* By the way, the second movie… words fail me. I love it so much, I feel like I’m cheating on the original.