Your quality of life

When you’re trying to stay focused on the actions, thoughts will come up and attempt to occupy your attention again.  Most thoughts are not useful in the moment; they’re just conditioned mental reflexes, and there are triggers all over the place.  To keep your attention on what you’re doing, make a general policy of dumping a train of thought unless the thought determines the next action you take. Nineteen times out of twenty, it doesn’t, and you’re better off ditching it.

~ David Cain from,

There’s a serious down-side to this once you’re good at it: The rest of the sheeple don’t think this way, so interacting with them requires a bit more effort.

But it’s also a chance to be a positive influence on the world, so there’s that. I suppose it’s a question of whom do I place first, myself or everyone else. Care to guess my answer? (Hint: In case of sudden loss of cabin pressure, whose oxygen mask are you advised to put on first?)