I’m interested in being a whole person

[15:45] I’m interested in being a whole person. I’m interested in that (Cerebral excellence) and I’m interested in – well love transcends all of it and incorporates all of it. You know, I identify as a predominantly feminine creature, as a woman. So that means my strength, where I am most joyful, where I am most powerful and effective and effectual – two different things – is when I am in this state of flow and intuition and engaged listening and sensuality.

[16:58] But mostly I want to receive. So my job, my job as me, as female, is to be radiant: radiant with my knowledge, radiant with my offerings, radiant in my visual brand, radiant in how I show up.

~ Danielle Laporte from, https://becomingasuperhuman.com/gender-dynamics-technology-substances-danielle-laporte/