Kinesthetic Literacy

Dr. Hans Selye called it the General Adaption Syndrome. You are going to try to adapt to the new situation that is presented to you. If you don’t, your body goes through first alarm, “How do I make this work?!” and then resistence.

You realize you’re not going to bridge that gap and you resist that fact. “It’s ok!”, “It’s ok that I’m in an unhappy marriage!”, “I’m gonna make it work!”, “It’s ok that I’m in a bad job!”, or “I’ve still got seven hours to drive to new york!”, or whatever it is…

That’s the resistence phase. Then your body goes into exhaustion. And I meet more and more of my clients, more and more people in the world, are facing this exhaustion. They’re showing up with what we would call diseases of the autonomic nervous system– that I think include lupus, arthritus, fibromyalgia… Very many of the autoimmune diseases are the body turning on itself because it has reached a stage of exhaustion because we cannot make the gap between how they’re supposed to be in the world and how they are in the world.

~ Tom Myers from,

This is a wide-ranging podcast (you may want to skip over a bit of Daniel-specific Q-and-A up front) with the creator of the Anatomy Trains system of looking at anatomy as an integrated whole. They start on the basics and origin of Anatomony Trains but their dicussion travels VERY far afield discussing human domestication, parkour, birth, death and the future of our species. Two and a half hours well-spent in my book.