Swamp maintenance

It’s hard to maintain the Everglades for the tourists when you’re up to your ass in alligators.

Curious about what I do? Here’s a glimpse.


(If you’ve understood any of that, you will be cursing the scum-of-the-earth people who spend time making up this malicious stuff. Awesome that! …let’s fix this sh*t and go get beers.)

Now, Imagine you were working on something when that little item was brought to your attention. “Hmmmm, I wonder if that’s as serious as it sounds . . . “

  1. You need to understand the threat; That’s rather difficult once you realize that the god-level security geeks haven’t fully figured it out yet.
  2. You have various systems that might be affected; You need to check them.
  3. If you’ve been attacked, is it safe to even check the systems? …ok, you’ve figured that out.
  4. Check them. All of them.
  5. Devise your defense, (or decide it doesn’t apply to you.)
  6. Now implement changes to fix, or prevent, future problems.
  7. Then wonder: Do my usual work practices and designs prevent this vulnerability? …should I change my practices or designs? …can I generalize this specific problem into a general sort of problem that I can defend against all future problems like this one?
  8. Great! Do that.

Then you can go back to being the mother hen roosting on her eggs.

I’m not complaining. This is simply a part of what I do. Just thought perhaps some of you, dear readers, might like a glimpse behind the curtain.