The Grand Canal of Venice

We took a taxi ride up the grand canal from St. Mark’s square to “The Ghetto”. The canal is the bustling main thoroughfare of Venice.


Photos from Murano, Venice

Almost every shop and glass producer has a ‘no fotos’ sign. So these are just some general photos of Venice and some photos from the vaperatto to Murano.


Bye Venice

(post on Instagram is video, everywhere else just a still cover is shown) Well THAT was a crazy, whirlwind, dive-bomber, i-bought-hyphens-wholesale, visit to Venice. Yeeeeup, definitely need to go back there!

The Grand Canal

Oof, what a sight! We’re running up to “The Ghetto” for Venice’s specialty: “cichetti”.


hmmmm, will need to teturn, and spend more time here!


Piazza San Marco. #oooh #aaah


Traffic and one entire island is a cemetery.


Lunch on a canal while glass shopping. Feeesh!