Photos from the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral

There is a side tour of the dome. You ascend (by elevator or stairs) to a side roof area at the level of the statues on the fron of the cathedral. From there, it is hundreds of steps in tight, spiral, sometimes sideways-sloping stairs to the upper-most level of windows. At that level there is an exterior walkway around the peak.


The Holy See

Wall-run/tic-tac/rock-climbing challenge presented by the Vatican. I could not resist touching the bricks…

The Statues on St. Peters

They are truly enormous up close, and their names are carved on each pedestal. It was odd to see them from behind… seemed like peeking out from back stage or something. I was waiting for one of the statues to glance over its shoulder and shoo us away.

St. Peter’s Basilica dome

Yes, all the frescos up on the dome, really are mosaics. They are beautiful and impressive from the Basilica floor, from up in the dome, things go to 11.


500+ stairs to the exterior cuppola view. easy walk. ;) etre forte. etre utile.

St Peter’s Square

Wee bit of a queue to get in to the Basilica (photo from mid queue wrapped around entire square) yowza!