Departing Palma

After a too brief visit, we slipped away from Palam de Mallorca and had a beautiful view of the island as we passed around the western end to head north.

North coast wine tasting

We visited a small winery and sampled several wines. Mallorca produces very good wine and has a unique vinting history.

North coast of Mallorca

The north coast is beautiful Mediterranean landscape; most of Mallorca is flat, with prominent mountains along the north edge providing protection and fresh water for the island.

Arriving Palma de Mallorca

We arrived pretty early in Mallorca, but I managed to roll out of bed just in time to get some photos of the port.

Leaving Cartagena

Cartagena is a beautiful and welcoming city. It was a shame to have to leave so soon.

Concepción Castillo

The Concepción Castillo is perched on top of one of 5 hills, right in the middle of Cartagena.


Belt of Venus rising as the sun sets. #noFilter