Panoramas from Rome (3/3)

Last pano from Rome; This one is from the top of the Victor Emanuel II monument, overlooking Piazza Venezzia (often called “the heart of Rome.”)

Palatine Hill

On Friday (our last full day in Rome), we started out for the Palatine Hill (home of the Emperors’ palaces). We were planning to go to the Roman Forum (a large archeological area next to the hill) and then to continue to other sites. …and then it rained. We saw it coming (being on top of a hill!), and made it to the tiny Palatine museum for shelter from the thunderstorm. Eventually, the rain let up enough that we could cover the 1/2 mile of twisty paths to the nearest metro. (We went back out later in the day when the rain passed.)



Classic Italian; The heart of a neghborhood complete with fountain and church.

Piazza Venezzia

View off the back; Colosseum, Palantine Hill, Roman Forum, … #oooh #aaah