Florence American cemetery

Thus, in one sense, my trip along the road back to Rome tended to impose new scenes that blurred my sharp memories of the war in Italy — until on Memorial Day we visited the American cemetery at Anzio and saw the curving rows of white crosses that spoke so eloquently of the price that America and her Allies had paid for the liberation of Italy. If ever proof were needed that we fought for cause and not for conquest, it could be found in these cemeteries. Here was our only conquest: all we asked of Italy was enough of her soil to bury our gallant dead.

~ WW II general Mark W. Clark, from his book “Calculated Risk.”

We’re on a bus tour today and we just drove by the Florence American Cemetery. Although I had read about it years ago, I had forgotten, and certainly never thought I’d see it, let alone on Memorial Day.

We flew by on the Autostrade, but the hillside of nearly 5,000 crosses in the bright sunshine was very poignant on Memorial Day. Our tour guide didn’t mention Memorial Day; I will fill her in when we stop.