Victory lap

Friday was our last day in Florence as we were leaving Saturday morning. We did so much in Italy, had so much fun, took so many awesome photos (I’ve 2,400 after deleting all the junk — 700 are uploaded to the web site here in this series)… well, I felt it was time for a victory lap.


Florence walking tour

Random photos from a walking tour (from the Rick Steves’ Florence book) that we did in the afternoon, on the south side of the Arno river. Lots of neat shops (like the chandilier repair shop) and artisans. There’s also a photo in here of the Trattoria 4 Leoni where we later had, one of the best meals of the entire trip. Just off the charts, wow.


Galileo Museum in Florence

Thursday in Florence we took the time to duck into the Galileo Museum which was just a couple blocks from the Piazza Signoria. Really neat museum, hardly any other visitors there, and well worth the time.


Florence at sunset

Pretty hard to take a *bad* photo from Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset. Poor statue of David has to look at this view every night.

David above Florence

For our last sunset in Italy, we all headed up to Piazzale Michelangelo where a copy of his David stands gazing over Florence.

Piazza Signoria

Last day, grabbing a drink before final shopping dash, (I’m drinking. Tracy will be shopping.)


Michelangelo’s original, often imitated… ‘wow’ is an understatement.