Ittoqqortoormiit is not a typo

How does one advance the timezone in one-hour steps on a trans-atlantic cruise?

Yes, this is definitely a “first world problem”, but this took me way WAY too long to figure out. If just one person ever finds this helpful…

Scenario: You want to advance your clock (in my case, an iPad and an iPhone) one hour every day. This happens on a cruise when they want to bump the ship’s time forward several nights in a row. You could, of course, do this in the reverse order when you cruise back home westward. /eyeroll

So you go to the “Date & Time” settings and you quickly realize that you should not just change the time by an hour… that messes everything up. You don’t actually want it to be an hour further in the future, you just want your phone to know the LOCAL display of the time needs to shift. If you change the actual time, all your texts and everything else (think image timestamps) will do a screwy timewarp because your device is still set to some east coast timezone. When you reach land, and touch a cell carrier, and your phone auto-sets the time, and… well, I dunno what would happen.

Next you realize that Apple won’t let you TELL it the time zone. Yo, phone, I’m now in, “GMT -3”, nope, no can do. You cannot select a timezone by name of timezone.

Now you realize you need to know the NAMES of places in timezones you never imagined existed. In fact, timezones which lie in the middle of the Atlantic and which have just one teeny tiny town in the entire WORLD that uses that timezone. You are now searching on instead of enjoying your vacation.

Tada! You now need the information below: So, flip off the “auto-adjust” timezone setting and search for these city names and you’re done. (You can use any start/end city that you want.)

Timezone geekery: The junk after each ‘City, Country’ combination is the number of hours forward from the East coast, and the GMT offset for Standard/Daylight-savings time-of-the-year.

New York, NY (+0, GMT -5/GMT -4)
Hamilton, Bermuda (+1, GMT -4/GMT -3)
Nuuk, Greenland (+2, GMT -3/GMT -2)
Praia, Cape Verde (+3, GMT -2/GMT -1)
Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland (+4,  GMT -1/GMT +0)
Algiers, Algeria (+5, GMT +0/GMT +1)
Barcelona, Spain (+6, GMT +1/GMT +2)