Hawk-Eagle Ridge (sep 2)

This was the incredible cherry-on-top for this entire Colorado adventure. Hawk-Eagle Ridge is this side, side ravine tucked up behind the Wind Tower just inside the beginning of Eldorado Canyon.


Organ Pipes (aug 29)

We picked Organ Pipes to be our last climb on Lumpy Ridge. This was our last day in Estes Park Colorado. We had been camping just inside the Rocky Mountain National Park at the Aspen Glen campground and it was a short drive to the Lumpy Ridge parking area.


120 feet

not me in the photo, but I did climb it first, no falls/slips… about a 5.7 with chilly fingers doing some nice #crimping (not a typo)

Tomorrow’s adventure

rock climbing! Heading to #RalphStoverStatePark in Bucks County for some technical climbing practice. Ten pounds lighter than last time I climbed– I’m psyched!!

Deer Ridge (aug 28)

Epic: This was meant to be the first climb as part of our 24 hour challenge. A classic bush-wack approach to the base of the rocks at sunrise. Then 5 pitches of traditional climbing finishing at the overlook on top of the mountain.