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I’ve not the least recollection of this horsey ride; But clearly, it was a thing.

Also: Not all babies are actually cute. This one is clearly “questionable.” (Yes, this is me.)

Bruce and Terry

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“Who are these people? …and what are they doing in our photographs?!”

This one is from a “Highlights of the Caribbean” carousel tray of a 100 slides. I’m guessing the 70s from the outfits.

Niagara falls 1968

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Here’s a shot my dad took in 1968 when they were at Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. I have two galleries coming soon; the rest of their honeymoon photos, and the photos from our (Tracy and I) trip to Niagara Falls in 2011.

Return of the slides

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Uh, remember that project where I scanned 2,500 of my dad’s slides? …people who bought the house found more squirreled away in the garage. …3,000 more. D: oooooookay. Time to make a seperate web site for all my scans/history…

Baby it’s cold outside

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So I sat down and finished hand-labeling the last 1,000 slides! #OCD If i’m snowed in tomorrow, guess what I’m doing. Between slides and prints, I’m approaching 20,000 digital images. Next up, “some” image tagging. o_O

6,000 slides

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A couple years ago I started this project of scanning slides. About 3,000 slides in, I thought I was done… and then more slides were found. So, this is, I think, really and finally the end of scanning. I am now working through tagging the digital images to figure out which ones I’ll be posting.