Optical phenomenon

(Part 2 of 17 in 2016 Red River Gorge)

WOW! Westward flight left pre-dawn and I was treated to the most spectacular sunrise and Belt of Venus (wikipedia it!) I have even seen! These are two photos of diff exposures. No filters. I’ve never seen GREEN like this. More to come! Also: GOOD MORNING CHICAGO (just for a layover tho’)


(Part 3 of 17 in 2016 Red River Gorge)

Two pano’s squeezed out the window. Diff exposures, no filters. Some distortion from jet bumps and window etc. Looking south. On far right you can see the ‘wedge’ of the Earth’s shadow projected up onto the lower edge of the sky. On the left you can see the southern side of the sunrise. From this altitude, you clearly get the sense of how this color “show” rotates around that south point in the middle of the photo; Like a two panel beach ball, with these spectacular colors where the two hemispheres meet. Of course, the sky and sun aren’t moving… ;) Flying westward this show lasted so much longer than when you are standing still.

Straight up

(Part 9 of 17 in 2016 Red River Gorge)

This wall was just a few degrees from vertical. Standing on tiny features like edge of a nickel. The upper lip is about 200 feet, and roofed out at least forty feet. Route started with this sheer, wet, mossy wall with a fist-jam crack (insert entire hand, make fist so it can’t come out and the walk up the wall :) Spent all day climbing all over this wall, and then one other route.

Third route

(Part 12 of 17 in 2016 Red River Gorge)

Once we had our top rope up, we spent the rest of our daylight here. Staright up, dihedral with a 5.8 finger jam crack. Paste your feet on the right and bury your hands… four attempts, but I couldn’t quite pull this one off.

Various routes from day three

(Part 17 of 17 in 2016 Red River Gorge)

Various photos of a few of the routes we worked on day three, in the Upper Gorge. This area is “trad[itional]” climbing. In many areas, hangers are bolted into the rock for clipping in safety gear. In this area, you have to bring your own hardware which you temporarily insert into the nooks and crannies of the rock.

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