The Puffin

(Part 2 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

My trusty pack looks like a Puffin, no? Our next adventure begins in London at RDV. Tracy will be catching up w us next week… in the Alps. #swirlsonthemove rep’in #lvpk for this leg of the journey!

Au revoir England

(Part 9 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

Leaving St Pancras station this morning en route to Paris. When I was in high school, I saw a TV show (yes, pre-internet) about some crazy engineers who were going to try tunneling thru the chalk under the channel. “How awesome would it be to ride THAT train?!” Bit sad to say goodbye to all my friends (old and new) in London, but we will meet again! Allez! Allez!


(Part 16 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

Sorry to leave Courchevel, but we stopped in historic Anncey… the ‘old town’ section is sort of like France’s “little Italy” Managed to dodge the rain enough to get a quick peak!

Best campsite on Earth?

(Part 19 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

We only walked up for the day. Another couple are settled in for the night. If I’d had more time, I’d have stayed late and hiked down in the dark… what must the night sky look like here? …oh well, we’ll just have to come back. :D

French Bakery

(Part 23 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

I have, apparently, died and gone to heaven. We were walking, and everyone going the other direction was carrying baguettes… hmmmmm, might be a bakery ahead. carbs. more carbs. ohmagerdCARBS!!

Mom, calm down…

(Part 26 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

It’s only a splinter! I usually only show the rosy side of travelling and jumping on stuff. Well, seems I picked up a wee sliver of England at RDV XI. (ask me about the barefoot bail into thorns) Yes my tetanus immunization is up to date. THIS is why you should always travel with your personalized med kit… #DIY Tracy trained all day while I did my “wimpy lion with a thorn in its paw” imitation. Hopefully good to go tomorrow #famousLastWords (PSA: early symptoms of Tetanus include jaw spasms, drooling, excessive sweating and irritability? …oh i’ve had that for 45 years then :P

I surrender!

(Part 29 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

‘cavalier’ leg-swing qm box-jump repeat repeat repeat *gasp* shady and not quite as hot, but eventually I had to lay down. Done for the day. All of tomorrow’s options apparently include ‘some running’. “Hello? US Embassy? …yes, I need asylum.” #stoopidLifeChoices #soakedInSweat #happyAsAclam

The Seine at dawn

(Part 30 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

This one’s for Jesse (who’s currently on an expidition sharing Parkour in South Africa) who asked for more photos. This is a shot of the Seine near dawn as we were walking to Notre Dame (in Paris, in case that’s not obvious.)

The first leg home

(Part 31 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

Our first leg is a car ride into Paris. We’ve a hotel room tonight so we are closer to the airport tomorrow morning. Stand-by (or sit if you wish) for photos from tonight’s open-top-bus tour of Paris. Bunch more fun videos from today too that I have to post from Tracy’s phone.

Now that we’re back…

(Part 39 of 56 in 2016 England and France)

Now that we’re home and have offloaded all the photos, I’ll be sifting through the rest of the photography. I put up a good bit via Instagram in real time, but there are a few more albums (and perhaps some stories) I want to post.