(Part 5 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Great day training with everyone yesterday at the Toronto Community day. (But it’s really about the swag. ;) Off to the Royal Ontario Museum today.


(Part 9 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Meteorites. Middle two photos are Lunar and Martian collection. For the record, getting a trip of this rock is on my bucket list. (Matt, at #SpaceX, can you pick up the pace please ;)

To Québec

(Part 11 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Allonze’y! (Is that correct? My French is pitiful.) Heading east into the night with a sped-up sunset. Our plane has not thrown a propeller; Interesting argument between the digital camera and the high-speed prop.

Quintessential Tourist

(Part 16 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Breakfast (literally breaking my morning fast at Noon) at the 1640 Cafe. Everyone else wanted to be out in the sun… I had an inside window seat, the whole place to myself. Poached eggs, pile of veggies and some sort of ham (more like a brisket) and real hollendaise.

Somewhere in Québec

(Part 17 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Short bus ride (you can interpret that as you wish) to some sort of community center… a kids’ playground, and then I noticed this area. “Advancé” class tonight with Academie ADD du Québecois! Is it really only Wednesday? pre- pre- warmup before this weekend’s event.

Pictures of food

(Part 22 of 24 in 2015 Quebec (sep))

Look I’m really sorry for posting dorky food-photos… but I walked a mile to this vegan restaurant. OMG this is one of yummiest things I’ve ever eaten. It looked awesome and tasted better. It’s a riff off of Pad Thai. It was so good, I’m going to sit here for AN HOUR until their lasagna comes out of the oven!!