British pubs

(Part 5 of 51 in 2015 England)

How do I love thee? let me count the ways…. just accidentally ordered a “Guinness n black” ‘stead of a Black ‘n Tan. (has a shot of Black Currants in it- woa, what’ll they think of next?!)

Hidcote 4

(Part 27 of 51 in 2015 England)

It’s obvious why this is in the National Trust. “Plants grow in a jumble, flowering shrubs mingle with roses, climbers scramble over hedges and seedlings come up wherever they choose to sow themselves. That’s how I like to garden.” ~ Lawrence Johnston

Bourton on the Water

(Part 33 of 51 in 2015 England)

Kingsbridge Inn in Bourton-on-the-Water. A lot of the countryside here looks exactly like Pennsylvania… so much in England to love. (Driving on the left, not so much. But the way the traffic ‘works’ here is SO much better than in the states!) #roundaboutConvert

Bell Altar

(Part 37 of 51 in 2015 England)

The Bell altar at Christs Church cathedral. “No nation, no church, no individual is guiltless. Without repentance and without forgiveness there can be no regeneration.” ~ George Bell

Clifton Suspension bridge

(Part 49 of 51 in 2015 England)

The Clifton suspension bridge across the Avon (yes, that Avon) River in Bristol England. The lights at the bottom of the photo are traffic on a highway. Cast iron bridge, +100 years old. Really REALLY high. WOW.


(Part 51 of 51 in 2015 England)

Amazing what you can find if you stop and look. Flashlight catches out dozens of snails partying on the rocks next to the bridge.