On the bus

(Part 3 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

TransBridge charter bus to the cruise pier. Ten happy people have an entire bus to ourselves! Also: everyone, this is my mom; Mom, meet everyone!

Meta meta

(Part 11 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

in other insanity, hundreds of miles off shore, full wifi everywhere in the ship. She has more Internet bandwidth than EVERY other cruise ship in the world COMBINED. #RoyalCaribbean #QuantumOfTheSeas for the win.


(Part 12 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

A small promenade for strolling aft. Pro tip: easy to get lost here, but just remember, when walking, when you get to the water, turn around.


(Part 15 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Hour and half climbing the wall, now some lunch on a gorgeous day in the North Atlantic. You. Need. To. Cruise. w #RoyalCaribbean omg

Blue Marble

(Part 16 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

7/10 water. Get out in the open ocean, and… hard to describe the magnificent, desserted beauty. Not sure, but it might be time to stop drinking?

The Bridge

(Part 17 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

We have this awesome, super laid-back Captain with a thick French accent. He’s like barely awake… (in ur best french accent) “aaaah good afternoon ladies and gentleman, the weather today is uuuh pretty good and we’re currently cruising at about 18 knots… ” He’s so totally understated. I need to record him at Noon tomorrow. We could hit an iceberg and he’d be like, “hello ladies and gentleman… if you could kick that ice over the side… we will be serving dinner momentarily… ” yeah, doesnt convert to text. On the other hand, I don’t wanna be aboard on April 1st.


(Part 20 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Turns out the f’ocsle is the crew’s top side recreation area. Ship also has a “bulbous bow” below the water line… which is where the crew training-media-room/disco is located. That’s cool … if they ever hit something they only loose the disco.

whiskey tango foxtrot

(Part 24 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Why is ALL of the emergency egress lighting on through the entire ship? k. yeah, ima skip the elevator and use stairs. …maybe swing by the stateroom for a bail-bucket. #gallowsHumor


(Part 28 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Dan asked, “Where are all the people?” Here’s a few of the 4,000 people aboard! Sun’s out, and sea calmed a bit… so everyone who shouldn’t even OWN a bathing suit is out geting their burn on. Pro-tip: don’t be the creeper with a camera on the sun deck… sneak your photo from inside!

Ittoqqortoormiit is not a typo

(Part 33 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

How does one advance the timezone in one-hour steps on a trans-atlantic cruise?

Yes, this is definitely a “first world problem”, but this took me way WAY too long to figure out. If just one person ever finds this helpful…

Scenario: You want to advance your clock (in my case, an iPad and an iPhone) one hour every day. This happens on a cruise when they want to bump the ship’s time forward several nights in a row. You could, of course, do this in the reverse order when you cruise back home westward. /eyeroll

So you go to the “Date & Time” settings and you quickly realize that you should not just change the time by an hour… that messes everything up. You don’t actually want it to be an hour further in the future, you just want your phone to know the LOCAL display of the time needs to shift. If you change the actual time, all your texts and everything else (think image timestamps) will do a screwy timewarp because your device is still set to some east coast timezone. When you reach land, and touch a cell carrier, and your phone auto-sets the time, and… well, I dunno what would happen.

Next you realize that Apple won’t let you TELL it the time zone. Yo, phone, I’m now in, “GMT -3”, nope, no can do. You cannot select a timezone by name of timezone.

Now you realize you need to know the NAMES of places in timezones you never imagined existed. In fact, timezones which lie in the middle of the Atlantic and which have just one teeny tiny town in the entire WORLD that uses that timezone. You are now searching on timeAndDate.com instead of enjoying your vacation.

Tada! You now need the information below: So, flip off the “auto-adjust” timezone setting and search for these city names and you’re done. (You can use any start/end city that you want.)

Timezone geekery: The junk after each ‘City, Country’ combination is the number of hours forward from the East coast, and the GMT offset for Standard/Daylight-savings time-of-the-year.

New York, NY (+0, GMT -5/GMT -4)
Hamilton, Bermuda (+1, GMT -4/GMT -3)
Nuuk, Greenland (+2, GMT -3/GMT -2)
Praia, Cape Verde (+3, GMT -2/GMT -1)
Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland (+4,  GMT -1/GMT +0)
Algiers, Algeria (+5, GMT +0/GMT +1)
Barcelona, Spain (+6, GMT +1/GMT +2)


(Part 36 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

ok, well walk at least. I walked laps this morning for an hour. (aside: I’m strolling around trying to take instagrams of things I’ve so far neglected.)

Bumper cars

(Part 39 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

…and bumper cars, and roller skating and dance and pickup soccer matches against the ship’s officers and they rig up trapeze school in here too. If you are bored, it’s your fault.

Free fall

(Part 41 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

#RipCord by #iFly . This is vertical wind tunnel. The instructors sort of fly guests like kites in here. But this is an instructor training session, and these guys do some crazy stuff!

Next pool

(Part 46 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Multi tiers, no kids (my fave), bar number 38. (Ima do this for hours tonight, requests in Facebook or Instagram comments? Let’s make it a scavenger hunt…)


(Part 51 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Every landing in every stair well has an art installation. (No. I’m not got to photograph all of them.) But all of these photos, this is all happening at the same time as I simply wander around the ship!

Robot bar

(Part 54 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

German robots running Italian software robbing everyone equally with overpriced drinks in plastic cups… but, everyone is having fun. :^P


(Part 63 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Pause at harbor mouth to take a pilot aboard. Scuttlebutt is a passenger broke an arm on the jet surf ride… and they cannot set it on the ship.


(Part 64 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

omg we dwarf everything else here. S’cuse me pardon me s’cuse us can we get to the port comin’ thru… yo get out ‘da way!


(Part 78 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

Again we barely fit; in the basin, in the channel… people on the piers are all taking selfies with the Quantum. She dwarfs the entire waterfront D*8

Goodbye Quantum of the Seas

(Part 101 of 101 in 2015 Atlantic Cruise)

It’s amazing how quickly you get used to amazing surroundings. Seems like just yesterday that we wandered aboard like children in Wonka’s chocolate factory. Quantum felt familiar and comfortable by the time we left.

We’re off the ship, into Barcelona city…

{ at this point, I’m going to split posts off to a new series for Italy. }